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How to patch swimming pool liner

Repairs to vinyl liners

The cost to replace a vinyl liner can range anywhere between $2,000 and $5,000.  You can extend the life of you pool liner by promptly applying patches to minor tears.  In general, vinyl pool liners last about 15 years.

pool liner torn in cornerTypically, the first thing to go on a vinyl liner are the corners.   Corners that are in direct sunlight are more likely to wear thin and tear. 




vinyl pool liner patch kit and swatch You can patch these tears with a vinyl patch kit.  These kits contain a glue that adheres above or below water.  If your tear is within the water, then these patch kits will work just as well.  The trick is to keep the glue folded in the patch until you apply it to the tear site.  Beforehand, clean the area around the tear to remove any grime. Otherwise the patch won't adhere. 


Cut the vinyl patch to a size that is about 4 inches longer/wider than the tear so that about 2 inches of the patch extends beyond the tear on all sides.  Cut the corners of the patch so that they are round.  Apply the glue to the inside of the patch. Fold patch in half so that the glue smears around the entire inside of the patch.  Then apply to the tear.  Rub the patch from the center toward the ends to remove any air bubbles.  Hold the patch in place for a few minutes until the patch adheres. 

vinly liner patch Since the patch kit contains clear patches, this doesn't hide the torn area.  For a better look, apply a swatch that matches your liner design on top of this clear patch. Wait at least 20 minutes after the clear patch has been applied.  To obtain a swatch, take a photo of your vinyl liner to your pool installer/supply store.  With any luck they'll have a swatch that matches your liner.  Cut the swatch about an inch or two bigger on all sides than the clear patch.  Follow the same procedure for applying the clear patch. 



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