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Pool Opening

Just opened my swimming pool over the weekend and used your website at pool opening as a guide.  Everything went just as you described it.  I found that filling the filter housing resulted in the pool pump priming on the first try.  Usually, this would take me order phentermine.  

Thanks for the great info on this website.  I would like to see some photos for the pool closing page.  In the meantime, I follow your advice on the the routine maintenance page.

I also had to repair the corner of my vinyl liner.  I never thought about getting a matching swatch.   I went to the pool store in town and bought a swatch from them for a dollar.  It really does improve the look.  The clear that I applied last year turned  orange over the winter.  So I removed it and applied a clear patch.  Waited an hour, then applied the swatch.  Looks great.   Thanks again for this tip.


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