Swimming pool LED lights are worth every cent you spend on them. Swimming pool LED lights have several advantages over traditional halogen pool lights – from lasting longer to the light show effects they can create in your pool.

Pool LED lights are:


  • LEDs lights – whether for pools or otherwise – are the best energy saving lights. LED lamps (what we call ‘bulbs’ in SA) use a fraction of the power of traditional lights. They also use considerably less power than fluorescent energy savers.
  • LED lights also last longer than other lamps or bulbs used in pool lights. A good quality pool LED fixture will last up to 25 years – or longer! LEDs can burn for around 50 000 hours. To compare: A halogen pool light will only last a year or two if used to the same extent.

Impressive and fun!

  • Swimming pool LED lights don’t just come in a range of colors – they can change color too. You simply couldn’t get that with incandescent bulbs or halogen pool lights!
  • Most LED lights have color-change functions you can set for alternating, random or static lighting options, for really cool pool designs.

Pool LED lights are safe and designed to for every kind of pool:

LED pool lights are safe to use and to install, and like all pool lights, they have been especially designed to be 100% watertight.

The proliferation of LED lighting technology has also led to the development of a huge range of very high-quality LED lamps. It has spurred LED light designs for industrial, commercial, and residential applications – including for swimming pools.

LEDs now lead the way for swimming pool and jacuzzi lighting. LED lights may be a bit more expensive than other kinds of swimming pool lights, but they are worth the outlay. They will save your money over time too! So, yes….absolutely worth it! LED is ultimately the most cost-effective pool lighting option. Why even consider any other kind of pool light?

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