Planning your pool should be an integral part of your design, preventing an out of place eyesore.

Planning your pool should be an integral part of your design, preventing an out of place eyesore. Let it either be a focal point of your garden or allow it to subtly blend in with your home and garden. A Pool can either be the most beautiful or the ugliest part of your garden. Treating your pool as a water feature will go a long way in the design and effect it will have on the look of your property.

Natural Pools
We have become very eco-friendly aware so the trend towards natural pools is a given. Instead of using filters and chemicals to clean your pool, the natural pool uses a variety of plants to filter the water. It often has a pond like look, however the plants are contained and kept neat to create clear and safe swimming pool water.

Rock Pools
Using either natural or artificial rocks your pool can look like a natural part of your landscape. By using natural rocks your pool will never look outdated and tacky as the artificial rocks begin to age and deteriorate. Choose natural coping, paving and decking so your garden really creeps up to your pool.

Minimalist Pools
Minimalist pools compliment contemporary architecture and the beauty lies in their simplicity. Clean lines and dramatic proportions with very little decoration can create a touch of drama to your pool.

Infinity Pools
Infinity pools look as though the water extends into the sky line. It is an illusion that is strengthened by allowing the pools back wall to be lowered to allow for the water overflow. The water is caught in a basin below and then recirculates back to the main pool. These pools are the most spectacular when they are built on a hill overlooking an incredible view.

Infinity Pool

No matter what your pool design of choice may be, there are specialist to assist you with the design and implementation of your plans. Keeping it green is becoming an integral part of our lives, so choose solar if you are looking for heat and ozone pools if you are looking for a pool that uses no chemicals.