Designing a small pool for a small space can be challenging. It is often well worth it though; some of the most attractive pools are small pools that transform a small space into a stunning design feature of a home. You can get really creative with small pool design – far more so than with large pools.

However, there are several practical considerations that you can’t get around: namely technical limitations and building code compliance.

Technicalities of a pool for a small space:

  • In almost all cases, you will need to build your pool very close to a boundary wall. This could have structural implications. You may also face access challenges when installing a prefabricated pool – whether a narrow but long small pool, plunge pool or jacuzzi-type ground-level, sunken or raised pool.
  • Where will you put the pool pump and other elements for heating and lighting? How will you access them?
  • Prefabricated pools are far more cost effective in general, but if you are going to maximise your use of the small space, you might find it easier to design a small pool for a small space if you build it from scratch with concrete. This will probably cost more but may well offer fewer technical challenges.

Building code compliant small pools:

Just because you have a small space, doesn’t necessarily mean you can fill it with a small pool. You’ll need to check for local and/or development complex or estate building regulations and compliance codes relating to boundary walls, fences, pool heights, gating and privacy.

Prefab pool or concrete small pool for a small space:

If you are going to make the most of your small space and design an area that is more than ‘just a pool’ for the sake of having a pool, then budget for a concrete pool. This affords design options restricted only by the dimensions of the small space, rather than by the dimension of the fibreglass pool AND the small space you need to fit it into!