Pool chlorinators are essential pieces of equipment for ongoing swimming pool maintenance. And yes – they can certainly save you plenty of time and money when it comes to keeping your pool clean and safe for swimming at all times in summer, and maintaining it throughout the year.

What are pool chlorinators?

Pool chlorinators are devices that dispense chlorine. Though there are several different types, the one that will save you the most time and money is the automatic pool chlorinator. This can be set to automatically release chlorine as needed – in the exact right amounts and at the perfect frequency to keep your pool water PH at the right level – and clean.

How pool chlorinators save you money:

  • Manually adding chlorine can lead to wastage. Over time, you will spend far more than you need to spend keeping your pool clean on a day to day basis.
  • Too much chlorine can be caustic, leading to corrosion of pool filters and equipment. This can lead to enormous expense in the long run,
  • Too little chlorine, and your pool water can quickly become dirty. You may face considerable expense with pool shock treatments and other measures to correct the problem.
  • Too much chlorine can also lead to eye and skin irritation. However, dirty water from too little chlorine can lead to serious illness from bacteria and viruses that flourish in pool water with the wrong PH. This can happen before the water turns green from the algae that will also flourish.

Too little chlorine can therefore lead to considerable medical expense and even days off work to look after sick children.

How automatic chlorinators save you time:

  • Pool chlorinators save you time by keeping chlorine levels at an optimal level at all times – without you having to manually add chlorine or monitor PH levels.
  • They also save you time by preventing a build-up of algae in winter that can eventually require hours of manual cleaning and scrubbing.

There’s nothing better than whipping off the pool cover to reveal clean water at the start of summer. Pool chlorinators make it far easier to achieve that. At the very least, they minimise the effort you need to make yourself, as well as the expense involved in pool maintenance, replacing equipment and treating water-borne illnesses.

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