If you have a swimming pool, you probably know that you need to run the pool pump to keep the water clean. But how long should you run the swimming pool pump?

Why do you need to run swimming pool pump

Pool pumps should be run to filter the pool water once a day at a minimum. However, to keep your pool sparkling and the water clean and healthy (without an over-reliance on chemicals) you may need to filter twice or even three times in a day.

Pool pumps keep your pool clean by circulating the water through a filtration system. This removes surface debris as well as finer things like hair and lint. It also keeps the water ‘moving’ around the pool, creating a slow current. These are both essential factors in keeping the pool clean and free of algae – along with pool chemicals and other pool bottom and sides scrubbers and cleaning equipment

The average swimming pool pump should run for about 12 hours a day

Having a pool during the summertime is such an enjoyable experience, but it does come with some responsibility. Whether your pool is for leisurely floats or for competitive swimming, pool maintenance is essential. One of the best ways to maintain the pool and keep the water clean and clear is by running your pool pump for approximately 8 hours a day. This helps eliminate debris from floating around in the pool and keeps it ready for you to jump into anytime. It’s also a good idea to check on the pool pump often to make sure it is working correctly – that way, your pool won’t be without crystal-clear water all season long!

How often you need to run the swimming pool pump will be influenced by:

  • Water temperature
  • The volume of organic debris needing to be cleaned off the surface (although much can be removed manually with a pool skimmer)
  • How much the pool is used
  • The size and depth of the pool – i.e. the volume of water to be pumped
  • The type of pump
  • How far the water needs to be pumped to circulate it through the filtration system and back into the pool

For an average size swimming pool, this amounts to around 12 hours per day ( 3 x 4-hour filtrations) in the summer months when the pool is in use.

In winter, you should run your pump daily for 2 – 3, max 4, hours to circulate the water, even if it the pool is covered.

You can save money on your power bill by running your swimming pool pump during off-peak hours

The power usage is a factor in how often and how long you should run your pump. However, it’s more important that the pump does its job. If you do not filter the water thoroughly or often enough, your pool will suffer! Chlorine and other cleaning mechanisms will not be enough to prevent stagnation and keep the water of a quality suitable for swimming.

Did you know that you can save money on your power bill by running your pool pump during off-peak hours? During certain hours of the day, electric companies usually offer programs that allow customers to take advantage of lower electric rates. If you want to take advantage of these deals, check with your electric company or website to find out when are the times for cheaper energy.

This little tip can help you to save a lot of hard-earned money each month, without sacrificing any of your quality time spent in the pool. Plus, it’s amazing that such a small step can have such an important impact both ecologically and fiscally. So don’t forget to put this into practice and reap the rewards!

If you have an pool cover, you can reduce the amount of time your pool pump needs to run

Installing a pool cover is one of the best investments you can make for your pool. Not only does it reduce the amount of time your pump needs to run, which in turn helps reduce your energy costs, but it also serves as a way to keep dirt and debris from entering your pool.

A swimming pool cover will also serves as an extra layer of protection and safety when it comes to children or pets who may be unsupervised around the pool area. So not only does an automatic pool cover help keep your pool clean, but it can also help you peace of mind.

Running your pool pump at night can also help reduce noise pollution for your neighbors

Pool pumps are essential for keeping your pool clean and safe but depending on the time of day you run them, they can be an annoyance to those living near you. While people tend to think it’s best to run the pump during the day while they are awake and around, there can be some significant advantages in running it at night.

Running swimming pool pump at night help reduce your energy costs due to lower summer temperatures, but the sound may be muffled somewhat in the relative quiet of the night as well ,thereby reducing noise pollution for your neighbors. Additionally, all pool chemistry and water treatments should also benefit from being applied at night when bacteria levels are lowest.

So next time you’re ready to run your pool pump, think about switching up that schedule and dipping into the silent hours of evening for a bit of extra savings and peace of mind for all involved!