You will need to attach your pool skimmer net to the pole whenever you take the net off to clean it, or whenever you need to alternate the net with the pool cleaning brush. You may also want to change skimmer nets according to what, how much, how many times, or how quickly, you want to skim the pool in one manual pool cleaning session.

You want to do it correctly so that the net is securely attached when you start skimming. The pressure of the water flowing through the net could easily rip the net off the pole if it is not securely attached. This could result in the collected debris in the pool net tipping back into the swimming pool – undoing all your hard work!

Different leaf skimmer nets, or pool skimmer and brush sets, may come with different instructions – as far as the specifics go. However, all pool skimmer nets (and other attachments) are attached in the same basic way. This is so that they can fixed tightly and securely according to the same secure attachment principles. This in turn ensures that the pool skimmer net (and brush) can be used to maximum effect to clean your pool.

How to safely and securely attach the pool skimmer net

The following outlines how to go about removing the brush attachment from the aluminum pole and attaching the skimmer net. Removing the skimmer net would require the same technique as removing the brush to be able to switch to using the net.

Although the instructions may seem self-evident, you should follow them carefully and exactly. This is because of the danger of injury to your fingers. They can get pinched by the top of the hollow aluminum pole as you slide the net or other attachment into the pole.

TIP: Attaching a skimmer net is all about the buttons!

The buttons pop out of the two holes and the handle will be clicked into place

Removing the pool brush:

At the top of the pole (or the pole handle), you will see two little buttons, positioned on either side of the aluminum pole. To remove a brush head or any other attachment, hold the pole firmly in one hand, then press down on the two buttons simultaneously with the other hand. The buttons belong to the attachment.

Pushing them in will allow you to pull the attachment out of the top of the pole. This will leave two empty holes on either side of the aluminum pole. Your pole is now ready for you to attach the pool skimmer net.

Attaching the skimmer net:

You will see that there are two sets of buttons on the attachment handle. To attach the net, line up the two smaller buttons on the handle of the net with the two holes on the aluminum pole. Then, holding the skimmer net handle in one hand, push the top (bigger) buttons simultaneously, while pushing down firmly on the net handle. Do this until the two smaller buttons slip under the lip of the end of the pole.

At this point, push the skimmer net handle down as far it will go. The buttons should pop out of the two holes and the handle will be ’clicked’ into place. You are ready to start skimming your pool.

If the buttons do not pop out of the holes straight away, they are not lined up correctly. Gently turn the skimmer net from side to side, holding it at the base of the handle, with your fingers pushing down on the bigger set of buttons. After a few turns, the smaller buttons should line up with the holes and pop out, clicking the net into place.

Removing the skimmer net

To remove the net, do as above in point one. If the net (brush or other attachment) does not slide out easily, wiggle it gently from side to side as you pull. The handle should slide out easily after a couple of seconds.

There you have it! Attaching pool skimmer nets to their poles is as easy as one-two-three! Do it correctly and safely, and you’ll have the net attached in a matter of seconds. You’ll be able to swap out the net attachment with the brush or other attachment just as quickly. Get this technique down to save time – and fingers – whenever you need to manually skim and clean your pool.