Swimming pools can turn green overnight after a summer rainstorm. So, how do you get your pool to turn blue again as quickly as possible?

There are some things you can do to prevent your pool going green. Even if they don’t stop your pool from going green completely, they can prevent it going a deep, nasty green. This will make it a lot easier to clean it up after rain.

Why do pools turn green after rain?

Pools go green after rain due to the proliferation of algae. The rainwater disturbs the PH of the pool, and in the warm conditions, algae take advantage. If your pool water is not perfectly blue and free of debris before the rain, the algae can grow so fast they turn your azure pool to bottle green by morning.

No-one wants to swim in a green pool. Not only is it unsightly and rather off-putting, it’s also unhealthy. Algae can cause skin and eye irritation and even stomach upsets. The water also goes cloudy, and this can make it dangerous for children to swim.

Luckily, it’s easy to ‘shock your pool’ blue again after a night of summer rain:

24 hour treatment to turn your green swimming pool blue again:

  • Check your filter system. Make sure it is free of debris and that is working properly.
  • Check your pool chemical levels. They should be at normal levels to help retore optimal PH levels.
  • Run the skimmer. You’ll need to keep it on through the treatment.
  • Skim the pool manually at the start – to ensure it is free of debris before treatment.
  • Pour a Hyperchlorinate Shock Treatment directly into the pool.
    Brush the side of the pool ever so often during the treatment to remove dead algae.

You may need to repeat this process a few times to clear very green and murky water.

So, maintain your pool and keep it as clean as possible. Use a cover to keep out the rain and debris, and you’ll have sparkling blue pool all summer. At the very least you’ll have only a slightly green pool to fix after rain.

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