The very latest generation in automatic pool skimmers are robotic pool skimmers. They are hyper-efficient and work independently of the pool pump to skim the top 1/3 of your pool as needed. You can run them for as little as a few hours, or you can let them chug around your pool all day and into the night.

Robotic pool skimmers come in a variety of models – from basic to advanced, with integrated technology and extra cleaning capabilities (e.g. water clarifying). However, they all do the same basic thing: skim your pool to remove leaves, insects, hair, dirt, pollen and anything else that lands up in your pool. And they all do it very well.

Pool skimmers can only clean whatever floats long enough for skimmer to suck it in before it sinks to the bottom.

This makes robot pool skimmers the most efficient pool skimmers (besides you doing-it-yourself with a heavy-duty pool skimmer net). The robot pool skimmer goes to the debris to ‘gobble it’, rather than relaying on the water being pumped slowly around the pool. Faster, and targeted, skimming equals better pool cleaning, easy pool maintenance – and a sparkling clean pool.

There are 2 types of robotic pool skimmers:

  • Solar Powered Pool Skimmers: these are ideal energy and money-saving high efficiency pool skimmers –and not only for use when sunny. Ideally, it will be sunny on most days during the summer swim season, when you need the skimmer the most. However, they can charge sufficiently in a day to continue skimming at night, or for up to 16 hours in overcast weather. Most models can also be charged up to be ready for use at any time via the mains.
  • Battery Powered Robot Skimmers: These can be charged overnight for use. However, the run time can be as low as four hours at a time. An option for smaller pools that don’t require all-day skimming, pools in areas that experience frequent overcast days and rainy weather, and indoor pools.
Robotic Pool Skimmers

Advanced Features of Robotic Pool Skimmers:

Robotic pool skimmers are not just advanced; they are also smart. And they are getting smarter…

The latest robotic pool skimmers are the swimming versions of robot house vacuums – inclusive of docking stations for when the skimmer is not in use.
The smart tech is not just for convenience; it can also add considerably to the cleaning capabilities of the skimmer.

Integrated Smart Technology features of robot pool skimmers include:

  • Remote Control function – switch between automatic skimming to controlled skimming. Controlled skimming is a very useful feature as it allows you to direct the skimmer to clean specific areas of the pool.
  • You can also use the remote control to ‘dock’ the skimmer for safe ‘in-pool storage’ in a skimmer ‘docking station’.
  • Bluetooth functionality
  • Obstacle avoidance sensors

Benefits of Robotic Pool Skimmers

Although there is more of an outlay for a robotic pool skimmer, it is well worth it. Robotic pool skimmers are far more efficient than most other pool skimmers.

  • The best robotic pool skimmers can clean over 90% (even as high as 95%) of the pool’s surface in a day. This will drastically reduce the need for pool chemicals, shock treatments, vacuuming and manual cleaning.
  • Robot skimmers with large baskets and high suction power are the only truly efficient skimming option for large swimming pools, or pools that are get a lot of debris.
  • Various advanced features and ‘add-ons’ on robotic skimmers increase the overall pool cleaning power. This also dramatically increases the percentage contribution your pool skimmer can make to cleaning and maintaining your pool.
  • Low voltage robotic skimmers are energy efficient. They use very little power to run -not much more than a single 60w light bulb.
  • Solar powered robotic skimmers will save you a great deal on your utility bill. You will also save on pool chemicals and other expenses associated with pool cleaning and maintenance.
  • The best Robotic pool skimmers are low maintenance, energy efficient and environmentally friendly. You might pay a bit more for a robotic skimmer as an outlay, but you will save in the long-run on time, money and hassle.

With all the advanced features and the exceptional skimming capabilities, a robotic pool skimmer is an essential piece of pool cleaning equipment for any pool.

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