What are swimming pool covers and what do they do?

Swimming pool covers are designed to cover the surface of a swimming pool and prevent evaporation, debris, and animals from entering the water. Swimming pool covers also help to keep the water clean by blocking sunlight and preventing leaves and other debris from falling into the pool. In addition, pool covers can help to reduce heat loss from the water and make the pool more energy efficient.

There are a variety of different types of swimming pool covers available on the market, including those that are made from mesh, solar, and solid materials. Mesh covers are the most popular type of cover because they allow water to circulate while still keeping out debris and animals. Solar covers are designed to absorb sunlight and transfer it to the water, which can help to keep the pool warm. Solid covers, such as tarpaulins, are best used in climates where the temperature is not too hot or cold.

Swimming pool covers should be used year-round in order to protect the pool and keep it clean. In addition, it is important to regularly check the cover for holes or tears so that it can be repaired or replaced as needed.

How effective are swimming pool covers at keeping debris out of the water and maintaining the temperature of the pool?

Swimming pool covers are very effective at keeping debris out of the water and maintaining the temperature of the pool. In addition, they can help to reduce heat loss from the water and make the pool more energy efficient. By covering the pool when it is not in use, you can significantly reduce the amount of time and money you spend on cleaning and heating the pool. In fact, a swimming pool cover can save you up to 50% on your energy bill. In addition, covers can extend the swimming season by keeping the water warm during cooler months. Whether you are looking to save money or simply keep your swimming area clean and comfortable, a swimming pool cover is a wise investment.

Benefits of frequent use pool covers include:

  • A relatively (or completely) debris free surface in the morning – so you can dive right in!
  • Fewer pool cleaning chemicals required to keep the pool water clean and blue.
  • Greatly reduced need to run the pool pump for filtration. Similarly, you won’t need to run pool cleaner machines as much. This can save you a small fortune on electricity!
  • Daily use of a pool cover ensures your pool is always blue, free of bugs and grime and easy to maintain.

Alternatively, heavy duty covers can be fitted to keep the pool covered over the winter months.

Benefits of covering your pool in winter include:

  • Reduced cleaning at the start of the swimming season
  • Reduced pool maintenance over the long-term

Pool Safety

Secure pool covers are essential for households with small children. Safety covers can help prevent children accidently falling into the pool. A secure pool cover can also act as deterrent for curious little ones who might otherwise try to get to the pool past a safety fence and gate.

They may be awkward and unwieldy, but swimming pool covers are to be recommended for their considerable benefits.

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