Clean Energy doesn’t men skimping on the wonderful effects that you can get from lighting in and around your pool and pool area. Color Changing LEDs in a huge variety of waterproof Solar Pool Lights, along with the availability of a host of outdoor solar LED lights and solar-powered LED fairy and string lights mean you will never run out of ideas or scope for lighting your pool and pool area.

Stock up on a few different solar light types – for pool and garden – and you can choose gentle ambient pool lighting one day, then lighting up your pool like a Christmas tree the next. All without using a single kilowatt of grid power. Now that is a really clean pool!

Portable / Floating Solar Pool Lights – Ambience for Summer Evenings, Pool Parties and Events

‘Mini’ portable solar powered LED lights can be placed anywhere around and in the pool, as well as on patios, decks and in the surrounding garden. Styles range from functional and unobtrusive (you see the light it emits, not the light fitting) to decorative and whimsical, small to enormous balls of floating ball lights fit to inspire after-dark ‘Marco Polo’ sessions on hot summer nights.

Float them on the surface of the pool:

Go big or go small – floating solar LED lights come in all sorts of designs and sizes, individually and in sets. Your imagination is your only limitation when designing the look you want with floating solar pool lighting. Floating pool lights are perfect for poolside parties and events. Provided the lights you use are high quality, with high photovoltaic power, and designed for pools (i.e.) waterproof, they’ll keep your pool lit all night – long after the lights are out in the main house! Floating solar lights can be used for all sorts of amazing pool lighting effects – and add to the pool fun!

Surround the pool and pool area with solar lights:

Tuck a whole lot of small solar lights into poolside rockeries – under ferns, tropical poolside landscaping, or beneath and behind your poolside succulents. If the solar lights are weather and waterproof (as all ‘pool solar lights’ should be) you can leave them in place. Alternatively, take them out for a summer poolside evening and pack them away after the swimming and barbecue festivities are over.

Submersible Solar Pool Lights – Sets of Multicolored Colorchanging Waterproof LED Lights

There is an enormous range of submersible solar pool lights on the market. Sold in sets, with different lenses and color-change capacity. Simply sink them wherever you want them for the ultimate ‘uplighting’ effect. These kinds of solar pool lights are also perfect for lighting ponds and pond or poolside foliage.

Fixed Solar Pool Lights – Investment in Clean Energy for an Eco-Conscious Pool

If you are simply looking for functional Eco-conscious pool lighting, there is a variety of fixed solar pool lights to choose from. Being LED fixtures, you will find that all models offer color-change settings – just in case you are in the mood for pool lighting that is both functional and fun!

Either way – whether you are after color changes or just an energy-saving alternative to traditional pool lighting – the battery charges automatically during the day, lighting up your pool for up to 8 hours at night. No electricity, no switches, nothing for you to do except keep your pool ultra clean. Sparkling water looks best lit up up by LED lighting, and night-time pool parties are better in LED lit pools.

Solar LED lighting technology has resulted in an ever-growing range of solar garden, deck and pool lights. The many options in functional to decorative and whimsical solar pool lights offer endless affordable and creative pool lighting possibilities.

So much easier to imagine the range of lighting effects solar lights can create when you see pictures, right? Take a look at images of no less than 900 ideas for solar pool lighting from the ultimate creative ideas resource:

LED and solar technology is one area that perfectly marries environmental responsibility and unlimited creativity – and the fun just begun! There’s no doubt that the future will offer even more solar pool lighting ideas as new solar LED pool and pool area lights come on the market.