Not all swimming pools need a great big hole in the ground. In fact, some of the most attractive and versatile options for swimming pools are above-ground pools. These can be installed where digging into the ground is not an option, for whatever reason, or for design reasons. They can be round, square, rectangular, shallow or deep, and they can be permanent or semi-permanent installations.

Inflatable pools:

These pools have inflatable sides and are usually positioned in gardens. These are ideal for people who are renting properties or want to take their pool with them when they move. And no -we are not taking about kiddie’s inflatable pools from Walmart here. Inflatable pools have come a long way in the past couple of decades and they can be big, ‘permanent’ structures – complete with pool pump and filter. You won’t be able to train for the Olympics in them, but you should be able to fit the whole family in there on a hot summer day.

Installed above-ground pools:

These above ground pools have walls that can be made from various materials – from aluminium to steel and resin, or a combination of materials. These can be positioned in gardens, or added to courtyards, balconies, decking and entertainment areas (think of rim-flow pools).

Semi in-ground pools:

Some ‘above-ground pools’ are called ‘semi-inground’ pools. The sides of these pools are like above-ground pools, but the sides can be partly sunk into the ground. This makes them ideal for ‘extensions’ on decking and other entertainment areas that extend into gardens, and ground-floor courtyards with soil areas.

Above-ground pools have numerous advantages when it comes to the overall design of your home. They are also a landscaper’s dream as they can be built to sit at the same level as a deck, with plenty of space for retaining wall features around them.
There’s only one thing better than diving into a pool – and that’s climbing up into your pool!